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We develop and sell applications that improve accessibility to stage and screen for people with hearing disabilities and the visually impaired, and for people who need foreign language support.

Our current solution, Axity, has been developed in close cooperation with Riksteatern (The National Touring Theatre of Sweden) and the users. It is now available at both large and small theatres using smartphones for closed captioning and LED displays or on-stage projection for open captioning.

The solution has an option for pre-recorded audio description. This is also based on the users personal smartphones. This option is today used in a development project together with the Royal Opera in Stockholm.

For audiodescription and spoken subtitles for the Screen, we are reseller of a system called Moviereading. A system where you only need your smartphone and the Moviereading app. The app listens to the audio from the film and syncronizes the audiodescription. This solution is today used in Denmark, Finland and Norway

In order to be able to keep up with the rapid development of smartphones and other hardware, all our systems are based on standard hardware components. As an example of that, we have developed a captioning solution that instead of smartphones is using virtual display glasses.

Dogood AB was founded in 2009. Since then Axity has been used for many productions at several theaters in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The app Thea has been downloaded by over 1000 users.

Captioning for the Stage

Pre-recorded Audio Description for the Stage

Pre-recorded Audio Description and Spoken Subtitles for the Screen

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Per Liljeqvist


Long experience from development of supportsystems for telekomservices and IP based services and from remotecontrol systems for energi production and house automation.

Education: Master of science from KTH in Stockholm.

Previous employment: Satt Electronics, Telia Research, Telia Telecom, Nextra, Telia Telenor, TeliaSonera

Experience: Program development, System development of IT systems, IT architecture, Project management, Development of IP-based services, Consultant within IT and servicedevelopment

Martin Liljeqvist


Technical generalist, that has an extensive experience as a consultant in software development, in the fields of telecommunications and media.

Martin has worked in all parts of the development cycle with requirements, design, development, testing, continuous integration, deployment and maintenance.

In Dogood AB Martin is the system architect and takes decisions on which technologies and tools to use. He is also the creator of the Axity-server.

Education: Master of Science from Chalmers in Gothenburg

Linnéa Skog

Project Coordinator

Linnéa has a broad experience in the field of access to the performing arts. This includes surtitling, captioning and audio description for a wide range of target groups. During the “Surtitling project -access through app and display" (2011-2013) financed by the The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, Linnéa worked as project coordinator responsible for the audience related activities, tests, reports and economic accounting. Since 2009, Linnéa has created access to over 20 productions, including two festivals.

Linnéa has a Bachelor of Arts, main field Theatre Studies, with a special focus on audience research and reception studies from Stockholm University. She has also studied at the Program of Cultural Management Studies at Stockholm University.


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